Building relationships with meaningful and creative content. Marketing has shifted gears over the last three years posing a problem for brands who are used to traditional marketing. Consumers are no longer searching for products, they are searching for projects and ideas. Product discovery is now happening through informative, creative and inspirational content on social media and blogs. If your brand is not producing content on your social platforms you are missing a huge segment of potential customers.

CBG Media Group provides you the opportunity to focus on growing and operating your business while we create content to build meaningful relationships with your consumers. Let our creative team bring your brand to life with editorial content, styled photography, video marketing, commercial broadcast production and social media strategy. Every action we take, every piece of content we produce is created with a purpose and strategy to elevate your brand.


Video accounted for 74% of online traffic in 2017. Consumers are 50% more likely to purchase a product they have seen being used in a video.

Our team specializes in producing high-quality professional videos and creating a consistent video strategy to increase sales and build brand awareness. We specialize in how-to quick social videos, recipe creation, hosted instructional videos, commercial lifestyle, and stop-motion video.

Digital content

How-to Blogs

Creative blogs featuring editorial, professional photos, and calls to action to develop an informative and entertainment component to your brand. Websites with a blog are 50% more likely to convert consumers into buyers.

Social Media Quick Shots

Styled photography designed specifically for social media. Includes Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram story.

Product Photography

Styled product photography for social media, advertising, and lookbooks.


Television integration creates another dimension to your brand marketing. We specialize in 4k quality commercial production, media buying for local and national media, matching your brand with on-air experts for local television segments and integration into co-op broadcast segments.

Expert Hosted TV Segment

Commercial Production

Co-op Segments


Enjoy a visual sample of our digital and video content. We specialize in working with consumer products and brands in the following verticals, craft/hobby, home, garden, food, beverage, pet, family and kids.


The talented crafters, cooks, photographers, videographer, and designers from Craft Box Girls created CBG Media Group as a solution to their client's needs. Craft Box Girls is a website and Apple TV app to discover how-to blogs and videos featuring DIY projects, kids crafts, party how-to’s and recipes. For information on sponsored content campaigns or co-branded content on Craft Box Girls platforms please email [email protected]


Are you ready to take your content to the next level? Drop us a line and one of our team members will be in touch within 48 hours to learn more about your needs.